Changes to SVF

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Changes from v2.0c to v2.0 (Dec. 6, 2000)

Changes from v2.0b to v2.0c (Aug. 11, 2000)

Changes from v2.0a to v2.0b (Apr. 17, 2000)

  • An initial view description added.
  • The coordinates of where a user picked on a hyperlink can now be attached as a query string to a URL.
  • Text options can be specified for bold and italics as well as optional ways to specify text location and height.

Changes from v1.1 to v2.0a (Jan. 10, 2000)

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1 (Jan. 16, 1995)

  • Hyperlinks are now defined in the main body with other objects. Link tables are no longer used.
  • An invisible color command has been added.

Changes from v0.27 to v1.00 (Dec. 6, 1994)

  • A link entry can now contain additional text (for user feedback) and width. Parameters for a link entry can come in any order.
  • Links can be 1 dimensional (like lines) or 2 dimensional (like regions).
  • Link entities now include all entity types: points, lines, polylines, circles, arcs, rectangles, bezier curves, and text.
  • Text now uses a system courier-like font as a default for displaying text.
  • Text can be specified with a suggested width. Therefore link and notification information are now specified with 'Name' instead of 'Text'.
  • An optimization flag can be specified which indicates that entities within a layer can be rearranged while displaying for optimization. Entities can still be displayed in the order they occur in the file.
  • Scale factor and base point can be included in the file. This can be used to recreate the original coordinate system of the image. This information is not used for display.

Changes from v0.21 (the Web Conference version) to v0.27 (Nov. 1 1994)

  • Rectangles and bezier curves have been added.
  • Link regions have been expanded from polygons to also include rectangles, circles, arcs, and bezier curves.
  • Link regions can be displayed.
  • Fill regions have been added for polylines, rectangles, circles, arcs, and bezier curves. Polygons have been dropped (since they are simply filled polylines).
  • Notifications for zooming in and zooming out have been added.
  • Parameter length is now indicated by the command's 2 most significant bits instead of just the most significant bit.
  • The direction commands (up, down, left, right) have been dropped.
  • A transparent color has been added (which is simply the target window's background color).